Tuesday,21 May,2019
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Surprising Uses Of “Zedoary Root” Commonly Known As “Luya-luyahan” In The Philippines

Luya-luyahan is a large perennial herb with underground tuberous rootstock. Rhizomes, like that of dilaw (Curcuma longa), are fleshy, aromatic with an odor like that of ginger, pale yellow in color. Parts used and preparation [...]

Learn How To Make Oregano Tea Recipe

In parts of the Mediterranean, oregano tea is offered to those suffering from sore throats, congestion, and colds. It has also been used to help with insomnia and anxiety. In addition, claims have been made [...]

The Healing Power Of ”Painted Euphorbia” Commonly Known As “Pintado” In The Philippines

Pintado is an erect, branched, smooth, half-woody herb or shrubby plant. Leaves are alternate and extremely variable in shape, most often oblong-ovate, the lower ones usually entire, the upper ones variously lobed, sinuate, dentate, or [...]

Common Uses Of “Bird’s-Nest Fern” Commonly Known As “Pakpak-Lauin” In The Philippines

Pakpak-lauin is a huge herbaceous epiphyte at minor or moderate altitudes. Entangled rhizome is a mass of roots below. Leaves are erect and flaring from the crown aggregated in a dense tuft above. Leaves are [...]

Surprising Uses And Benefits Of “Manzanilla” Commonly Known As “Dolontas” In The Philippines

Manzanilla is an erect or ascending, aromatic, somewhat hairy herb, 30 to 60 centimeters in height. Leaves are thin, pinnately lobed and ovate to oblong-ovate. Properties – Considered antifungal, antiviral, antiinflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, bactericidal, febrifuge, [...]

The Healing Properties And Multiple Uses Of Tobacco

Tobacco is a coarse, erect, viscidly-hairy annual herb. Leaves are large, elliptic-ovate to oblong or obovate, narrowed by the base, and sessile or short-stalked. Inflorescences are terminal. Calyx is green, ovoid or tubular, with five [...]

Healthy Ideas That You Should Know About “Musk Basil” Commonly Known As ” Loktokong” In The Philippines

Loktokong is an erect, much-branched, nearly smooth herb. Stems are prominently 4-angled. Leaves are long-stalked, thin, ovate to oblong-ovate,glandular and hairy on both upper and lower surfaces, with both ends pointed and with toothed margins. [...]

The Healing Power Of “Sacred Basil” Better Known As “Sulasi” In The Philippines

Sulasi is an erect and herbaceous branched plant. Stems and younger parts are covered with spreading hairs. Leaves are oblong-ovate with pointed or blunt tips, and somewhat toothed margins. Flowers are pink or purplish. Calyx [...]

Plant Herbs: Santan Plant Health Benefits, Medicinal Values And It’s Multiple Uses

There are about 500 species in the genus Ixora. A few are in cultivation. There are numerous cultivars differing in flower color (yellow, pink, orange) and plant size. Several cultivars are dwarfs, under 3 feet. [...]