Wednesday,26 June,2019
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Shaolin Tagou Students In China Shows Their Perfect Discipline In Martial Arts- Just WOW

The Shaolin Kungfu School is an institute for the teaching and promotion of traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese Martial Arts in China.The Shaolin monks of the school are currently accepting students from around the [...]

Amazing Ape Shows Its Karate Moves- Very Impressive

Karate is an ancient martial art built around self-defense that originates from Japan and China. It has become extremely popular worldwide, and has many variations. Understanding and practicing basic karate can be achieved by learning [...]

Smartest Elephant Make His Self- Portrait Painting Using Its Own Trunk

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and have memories that span many years. It is this memory that serves matriarchs well during dry seasons when they need to guide their herds, sometimes for tens of miles, [...]

This Parrot Has Singing Ability That Will Surely Entertain And Even Impress You

Parrots that are often brightly colored are popular as pets. They are believed to be one of the most intelligent bird species. They are great mimics and are known for their curious and cheeky behavior. [...]

Try To Do This Awesome IPAD Cake For Celebration

It is very important in cake decoration to analyze well what kind of decor you give because it is the symbol of the event on the day of your celebration. It’s easy to see when [...]