Wednesday,26 June,2019
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Filipino-American Brought The Philippine Jeepney To New York

The jeepney has become the trademark of the Philippines and the Filipinos. It has been a form of transportation in the country ever since. The Filipino-American Allan Pineda Lindo, better known as, is a [...]

Proud Teen Mom Shares Her Journey On How She Finished Her Studies Despite Having A Kid

This generation most women get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Though this is not our parents want for us, there are times that they continue to support all the decisions we have made. Teenage [...]

Dwarf Fashion Show In Paris Showcase Little Women As A Runaway Model

Whenever you see the tall and lean models that walk the runways and editorials for the leading fashion brands and designers, these are the high fashion models. They are generally between 5”8 to 5”11, with [...]

Inspiring Story Of A Man Born With No Arms And Legs Shows His Strength Towards Life

If you have a complete arms and legs you would say you are one of the luckiest people that were born in this world. A person who can enjoy the world and appreciate what is [...]