Tuesday,18 June,2019
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10 Foods To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

During your pregnancy there are a few things that might stress you out, but eating shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately, all of the advice you hear — from friends, family, and yes, even total [...]

5 Simple Exercises While Pregnant: Safety, Benefits & Guidelines.

There are usually many questions that come to mind when planning how to exercise during pregnancy. Physical exercise is bodily activity that improves or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. This type of [...]

Proud Teen Mom Shares Her Journey On How She Finished Her Studies Despite Having A Kid

This generation most women get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Though this is not our parents want for us, there are times that they continue to support all the decisions we have made. Teenage [...]

Girls: Here Are The Reasons Behind Irregular Menstrual Period

In school, we were always taught that menstruation have 28-day cycle. For some, they use calendar method wherein days are being counted to expect an approximate date of the next ‘visit.’ However, about 30 percent [...]

Effective Home Remedies For Undesirable Stretch Marks

Stretch marks or striae or striae distensae, as they are called in dermatology, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are caused by tearing of the dermis, which over [...]