Monday,20 May,2019
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How Emotions Can Affect Human Immune System Will Surely Surprise You

As incredible as the human body is, your mind is where all your true power exists. It may sound like science fiction, but how you think truly influences how you feel. Healthy, positive thinking empowers [...]

Adorable 11 Month Old Twins Starts Dancing When Their Daddy Plays The Guitar- So Cute

If there is one thing that’s guaranteed to make your face hurt from smiling, it’s babies dancing. Seriously, can you think of anything cuter? There isn’t anything much cuter than adorable babies dancing. This clever [...]

This Would Be The Funniest Ballet Performance You’ll Ever See

What would we do without humor? How would we enjoy talks with others if we did not use humor to invite a smile or laugh? And how would we manage the times when we feel [...]

You Can Be Happy In Just One Minute By Doing This

You cannot really live your life well when you are not happy. You will not see the goodness in the world if you don’t how to enjoy. So, what does really makes a person happy? [...]

An awesome hand shadow performance that will bring a smile on your face :)

The world is at your hand. This is simply one of the amazing hand arts that will blow your minds away. Amazingly demonstrated, this work of hands has paved way in demonstrating an art that [...]