Sunday,16 June,2019
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Danger Of Using A Fan Always

It’s totally possible that the fan can cause a sinus infection, which isn’t exactly a walk in the park. If you’re prone to allergies, sleeping with a fan is probably going to make things worse [...]

Warning: Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Stop Plucking White Hair From Your Head

Plucking white hair from your head certainly isn’t the worst beauty habit you can have. However, like most irresistible, bad habits, it leads to some unsightly problems down the road. Here are five reasons to [...]

Alarming Effects Of Hair Coloring That Everyone Should Know

Scalp irritations generally occur on those with sensitive skin, but a patch test is usually advised 24 – 48 hours before any color service. If you have a sensitivity to the color, your scalp will [...]

A Very Important Reasons Why Scientists Link ‪Selfies To Narcissism, ‪Addiction & Mental Illness

The invention of the camera was a cute moment in technological terms. It was a huge one really, but the cuteness is attributed owing to its current use. Gone are the days when moments were [...]

Danger Of Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears

The dangers of sticking a cotton swab into your ear are real. And there’s a range of damage you can do. The most basic issue is that using a Q-tip is probably doing the opposite [...]

Warning: Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drinking Cold Water

The Chinese were the first ones to know, understand, and discover that drinking cold water, especially after a meal, is bad for your health, and it could affect the digestion process adversely. But the question [...]

Dangers Of Wearing Tight Jeans That Everybody Should Be Aware Of

The unnamed woman had been wearing tight skinny jeans and recalled that they had felt increasingly tight and uncomfortable as the day wore on.The case study is published online in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery [...]

Here’s A Very Important Reason Why You Should Stop Popping A Pimple Accompanied With Blood

Cystic acne happens when a bacterial infection occurs deep in the skin. The infection causes large, red, painful bumps or nodules to form deep under the surface of the skin. The outermost layer of the [...]

Do’s And Don’ts, Common Causes And Treatment Of Nosebleed

Nosebleed (epistaxis) is quite a common complaint. Usually it is an anterior nosebleed, noticed when the blood drains out through the nostrils. A posterior nosebleed is less common; blood can flow from a rupture in [...]

Health Alert: Top 10 Daily Habits That Can Damage Your Brain

The human brain is the main organ of the human central nervous system. We all like to be at our best and to do that, you’ve got to take care of your brain. Your brain [...]