Wednesday,26 June,2019
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Health Alert: Top 10 Signs That You Are Way Too Stressed

These symptoms can affect your health without you even realizing it, but recognizing the common ones attributed to stress can help you manage it early. The first step to stress management is awareness. Here are [...]

Signs And Symptoms Of Poor Blood Circulation

The most common symptoms of poor blood circulation include: >tingling >numbness >throbbing or stinging pain in your limbs >pain >muscle cramps Each condition that might lead to poor circulation can also cause unique symptoms. For [...]

Signs And Symptoms Of Liver Disease That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

The liver is the second largest organ in the body. It works hard, performing hundreds of complex functions. As we age, the production of enzymes and the blood flow through your liver decreases, making the [...]

Signs And Symptoms That Wifi Can Make You Sick- Find Out How

People are complaining about unexplained health issues more than ever before and the primary cause is increased use of Wi-Fi. From using cell phones and computers to watching movies online, wireless technology has certainly made [...]

Top 9 Foot Problems That Can Tell A Lot About Your Health

Changes on how you feel in your foot can be the first sign of serious issues that could save your life, because they’re so far from our hearts, the feet are the last body parts [...]

Don’t Let Motion Sickness Ruin Your Travel: Just Try To Follow These Tips

Dizziness, fatigue, and nausea are the most common symptoms of motion sickness. It can also lead to vomiting. Motion sickness is a common problem in people traveling by car, train, airplanes and especially boats. This [...]

Here Are The Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)

Occasionally people with very high blood pressure say they experience headaches, but it is best to visit your GP if you are concerned about symptoms. Here are some signs and tools to combat high blood [...]

Early Warning Signs Of Disease You May Spot All Over Your Face

Our facial traits offer a window to what is going on inside the body, and changes to them may signal a more serious health problem. We should never ignore but do worry about the change [...]

Serious Talk: Can Birth Month Predict High Disease Risk? Here’s The Answer

Research team at the Columbia University Medical Centre have compared 1,688 diseases to birth dates of 1.7 million New Yorkers and found 55 diseases that correlated with the season of birth. The result of their [...]

What Your Cold Hands And Feet Telling You?

If your hands and feet are cold all the time they may be trying to tell you something about your health. Cold hands and feet can indicate an underlying disease. Here are some of the [...]