Thursday,25 April,2019
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Philippine Tea Commonly Known As “Tsaang Gubat” Traditional Medicinal Uses

Tsaang gubat is largely used in traditional herbal medicine for various conditions. Tsaang gubat is widely used in the Philippines as herbal medicine for skin diseases and stomach problems where it is available in tablet [...]

Learn How To Make Oregano Tea Recipe

In parts of the Mediterranean, oregano tea is offered to those suffering from sore throats, congestion, and colds. It has also been used to help with insomnia and anxiety. In addition, claims have been made [...]

How To Make “Nam nam Fruit Tea” And Its Amazing Benefits On Our Health

Nam nam or nam nam fruit is native to Malaysia and it can be found in South East Asia, India and Sri Lanka. It is classified in the same family of the common “groundnut” or [...]

Medicinal Plant: The Healing Power Of “Kalachuchi”

Kalachuchi is mainly grown in the Philippines as an ornamental plant, with the flowers as its main attraction. The flowers are supposed to be the source of the perfume known as “Frangipani.” The flowers are [...]

Untold Benefits And Uses Of “Orthosiphon Stamineus” Commonly Known As “Balbas Pusa” In The Philippines

Orthosiphon stamineus is a medicinal herb belonging to the family Lamiaceae, grown in Southeast Asia. Leaves of this plant are used commonly in Southeast Asia and European countries for herbal tea, well known as “Java [...]

Properties And Medicinal Uses Of “Philippine Dandelion”

The dandelion is a perennial plant found, to the dismay of many, almost everywhere. Dandelion has rounded head with yellow petals, but this one looks different. The two drooping unopened buds are immature flower heads, [...]

Uses Of Ampalaya Leaves You Might Want To Know

Ampalaya Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) also known as Bitter Melon is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, widely grown in the Amazon, Carribean, South east Asia such as Philippines for its edible [...]

Best Home Remedies To Treat Gastritis That Everyone Should Know

Gastritis is a condition wherein there is an inflammation of the stomach lining and is usually termed acute or chronic gastritis. Here are some signs and symptoms if you have gastritis: 1.Gnawing or burning ache [...]

Learn How To Make Avocado Leaf Tea That Can Cure Fever Effectively

Avocado leaves are used by some people to treat a number of ailments. These individuals assert that the leaves are helpful for treating arthritis and respiratory illnesses, such as common colds and the flu. There [...]

Shocking Benefits Of Cornsilk You May Want To Know- Amazing

Most people are familiar with corn silk as the glossy strands that stubbornly cling to a fresh ear of corn. Although most people toss this material, dried cornsilk makes a tasty tea since it contains [...]