Wednesday,26 June,2019
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Health Risk Of Sitting Too Long That No One Told You About

For every half-hour working in an office, people should sit for 20 minutes, stand for eight minutes and then move around and stretch for two minutes, Dr. Hedge recommends, based on a review of studies [...]

Want To Avoid Or Reduce Ironing Load? These Time-saving Methods Will Help You A Lot

There’s nothing like leaving the house in a freshly ironed clothes, right? But sometimes, laziness strikes and we don’t feel like doing anything. There are times, we are too busy we haven’t much time to [...]

Clothing Care: Here’s How To Store Your Underclothes And Save Your Day

Organizing your things and belongings will make you feel more calm and in control of your own life. You can easily figure out where you put your scarf or pants every time you needed them. [...]

Believe It Or Not: Top 10 Shocking Things That Happen In Just 5 Seconds

Did you ever asked yourself, if what might be all the things happen in just 5 seconds? Today, you will be surprised if what are these top 10 things that will only happen in just [...]

Why Men Never Truly Get Over A Relationship Break-up: A Revelation

According to studies, women are emotionally hit hardest after a break-up – but men suffer more in the long term and may never truly get over it. They would tend to drown their sorrows in [...]