Friday,19 April,2019
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Common Uses Of “Bird’s-Nest Fern” Commonly Known As “Pakpak-Lauin” In The Philippines

Pakpak-lauin is a huge herbaceous epiphyte at minor or moderate altitudes. Entangled rhizome is a mass of roots below. Leaves are erect and flaring from the crown aggregated in a dense tuft above. Leaves are [...]

Common Health Benefits And Uses Of “Yerba Buena” That You Should Know

Yerba buena also commonly called mint posses aromatic properties and flavour that is widely used in varieties of cuisines. It is also used in traditional medicine since ancient times providing a long list of health [...]

The Healing Properties And Multiple Uses Of Tobacco

Tobacco is a coarse, erect, viscidly-hairy annual herb. Leaves are large, elliptic-ovate to oblong or obovate, narrowed by the base, and sessile or short-stalked. Inflorescences are terminal. Calyx is green, ovoid or tubular, with five [...]

Surprising Uses Of “Purple Rain” Better Known As “Sanggumay” In The Philippines

Denbrobium anosmum is a tufted epiphytic, occasionally lithophytic herb. Stems are terete, nodose and erect or pendulous. Leaves are coriaceous or entire, flat, often articulate with sheaths. Flowers are borne on leafless stems, each flower [...]

Good Reasons Why You Need To Have “Katakataka Plant” In Your Home

A rapid growing juicy herb. Leaves are thick, fleshy and simple or compound in pairs on reddish stems. Plantlets grow along the notches of the leaf margins which can develop while still attached to the [...]

Medicinal Plant: The Healing Power Of “Kalachuchi”

Kalachuchi is mainly grown in the Philippines as an ornamental plant, with the flowers as its main attraction. The flowers are supposed to be the source of the perfume known as “Frangipani.” The flowers are [...]

Health Benefits And Uses Of “Vegetable Hummingbird” Better Known As “Katuray” In The Philippines

Katuray are the flowers of a small tree with light foliage (sesbania grandiflora) that thrives in arid and tough conditions, the often rather bitter tasting flowers (petals mostly) are a classic ingredient in Ilocano cooking. [...]

Uses And Benefits Of “Pea Eggplant” Commonly Known As “Tandang-aso” In The Philippines That Everybody Should Know

Tandang-aso is coarse, erect, branched, half-woody herb. Branches are covered with short, scattered spines, and in most parts with stellate-shaped hairs. Leaves are alternate, ovate to oblong-ovate with sinuate-lobed margins, acuminate with inequality base. Inflorescences [...]

All About “Flat-Podded Snow Pea” Commonly Known As “Sitsaro” In The Philippines

Sitsaro is an annual climber with compound leaves terminated by branched tendrils. Peas have hypogeal germination: the cotyledons remain enclosed within the seed coat beneath the soil surface. Flowers are white, developing into inflated pods. [...]

Surprising Uses Of “False Sandalwood” Commonly Known As “Sapang” In The Philippines

Sapang is a small tree, with scattered spines. Leaves are compound, up to 50 centimeters long. Pinnae are about 20, opposite, and 10 to 20 centimeters long. Leaflets are obliquely oblong to oblong-rhomboid. Flowers are [...]