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This Filipina Teacher Walks For Two Hours And Crosses 5 Rivers Every Day To Reach Her Students

When we were at school, we used to hate our teachers. We hate them for giving us homework and quizzes, for forcing us to study and for punishing us because our mistakes. We hate walking up in the morning to go to school, and we always feel lazy. We’re just excited to see our friends, but not our teachers.

However, many of us don’t realize the hardships of a teacher just to teach us. They spend most of their time teaching, they spend their nights by checking our grades and they spend their weekends by preparing their lesson plans. Teachers sacrifice a lot just for the students to learn.

This Filipina woman named Elizabeth Miranda is also a teacher, but she is not an ordinary educator. Her struggles to teach her students is really inspiring.

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Elizabeth Miranda spends almost two hours just to reach the school in Sitio Barogante at Occidental Mindoro which is a very remote place. There is no transportation going to the school, so she walk every day.

The struggle gets worse as Elizabeth needs to cross fiver rivers. But, she is thankful to the locals within the community who lends her life buoy or “salbabidas” and helped her cross the water every time she goes to the school.

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There are rivers that she can walk on her own, but there are some that she can’t because of the deepness. That’s why she need the salbabidas and the help of others

Elizabeth said that her body is already used to the daily routine. But, it only gets difficult when it’s raining and the current of river is strong.

She added that she almost give up, but she is thinking the future of her students. She is willing to continue her responsibilities as her students are also eager to learn despite not having learning materials and even food to eat.

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Elizabeth also said that her sacrifices will not be wasted because she sees that her students are determined to learn.

Watch her documentary video below:

Elizabeth Miranda is a heroic teacher. Hopefully, her story will inspire a lot of people.

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