Monday,17 June,2019
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The world is full of wonders– A 5 year old master concert pianist plays for 101 years old grandmom. A must watch for all…

Human beings are endowed with talents. We are definitely blessed for having the capacity or ability to share our gifts to others. This may mean that we should not conceal our talents to ourselves because every endowment given to us by God should be celebrated well. They must not be forgotten for these talents are meant to be nurtured and honed so that they would continue to inspire other people.

The world is full of wonders– A 5 year old master concert pianist plays for 101 years old grandmom.

In this video, we will be able to see a surprising talent. This is surprising because we would not believe that this beautiful melody has come from a 5-year old piano prodigy named Ryan Wang. He has made headlines when he performed on both the TV show Ellen as on stage at Carnagie Hall. This made the viewers appreciate more the melody created by Ryan Wang.

Watching the video, you will be flabbergasted about the performance of this boy. Though he is still young, you will already see that he has the best potential to create melodies out of the keys. He is starting to be very adept with his craft. He also has started putting his heart to his craft as shown in his performance.

Because of this, Ryan Wang has drawn out the attention of the many of the viewers including the attention of the 101 year old Dorothy Landry. She has been fond of hearing the boy play with his instruments and this made her ecstatic all throughout.

As well know that every human being is blessed with talents and abilities. All of us have been equally gifted that will serve as a way of expressing ourselves to this world. We thank God for giving us this ability because without it we are nothing.

So, if you have the ability, never conceal them within yourselves. Try to make them as instrument to inspire other people. Do not just sit there and wait for somebody to discover your talents. Show them what you have got but still humble yourselves before God.

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