Tuesday,21 May,2019
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This Adorable Dog has Quite the Attitude, and Yet She Made My Day.

How do you define a 14-year old teenage girl? Well, attitude really matters. But in the case of a teenager, we never know how they react to certain things. Sometimes, we go gaga with how teenagers behave just to get the attention of the elders. Dealing with them is certainly one of the great challenges that might bring a lot of adjustments and patience most especially to the parents. So, parents need to be well-equipped with knowledge and skills.

This Adorable Dog has Quite the Attitude, and yet She is Funny.

As we look at this video, we can see how this dog exemplifies the attitude of a 14 year old teenage girl who seems to be stubborn at times. Macie, the dog, can be compared to a teenager who sometimes groan at her parents especially when her parents wanted to do something she doesn’t want to do.

For this instance, parents should have more patience in dealing with teenagers. On the other hand, they must be strict but they must let their children feel that have been loved at the same time.

This dog reminds us of how we could understand the world of teenagers. The stage they undergo is such a complicated one that they must be given proper attention in order that they would not become rebellious and crazy.

It is so nice that animals have become a representation of human personalities. There are some animals that can also be linked to our personalities. Lions tend to be fierce and brave that’s why they have been linked to people who are brave and strong at the same time. Rabbits and acts are meek and so they have been paired to people who are submissive and gentle.

Some people are also wise and clever that’s why fable would associate astuteness with an owl. In the case of a dove, it symbolizes purity and it has become an emblem during a wedding. So, animals are a great way to exemplify human personalities.

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