Saturday,25 May,2019
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This fisherman is hoping to catch some fish. What he got instead is mind blowing.

The ocean has been a home for marine animals. It has been a haven for fish and other living organisms. When we are going to the sea especially in times we go fishing and boating, we get to wonder what is really found in it. We are often amazed of the various living things that can be found under the sea. These organisms are of various forms, sizes and shapes. Their colors are also fascinating because it added to their astounding appearance.

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So, we, human beings have a vital responsibility in maintaining the beauty of the sea. The life that is teeming in the vastness of the sea should be preserved so that people of the coming generation can still benefit from what the sea offers. One of the many ways to preserve life is to avoid dynamite fishing which would kill marine animals and pollute the waters.

Well, the video will amaze you! While these people are kayaking in the sea, they find an octopus which is one of the wonders of marine life. Research speaks that octopuses are not actually rare animals since they are overpopulated in the sea. According to it, they have a life span of 3-5 years. The appearance of this octopus shows that it is nearing its life span.

The photographer has gotten great shots of the octopus while it swallowed a large hook. Most likely, this octopus will not be able to survive because it has swallowed a gigantic hook.

On the other hand, this octopus must be set free so that it would have its natural death rather than it dies in the hand of humans. So, how about setting this octopus free?

Well, we can always do good for the environment by protecting our natural resources especially the sea.

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