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What This College Student Did To Take Care Of His Ill-Father Is Quiet Unbelievable

Some parents admit being busy for their children. They were too busy working lives and doing errands that they forget prioritizing their kids enough. Many families also admit spending quality time with their children isn’t their top priority because they are working too much. But they have their own reasons for doing so– to provide for the families’ needs. Some busy parents just make up for the lost time by playing with their kids on holidays and reading to them at bedtime.

For us children, we think our childhoods are taken for granted. We started thinking we are not special. No, our parents love us and they always did their best to guide and support us as we are growing up. Although sometimes, they seem incredibly busy but they make sure to see us frequently as much as they can, right? Then time will come they may start to experience mental and physical difficulties and they’re too tired to work already. It’s time to love them who taken care of us our entire life. But sometimes we are too busy with our own life that we forget they are also growing old and weak.


But this devoted boy from Henan, China is worth emulating. Why? He took his paralyzed father to live with him in a University dormitory room so that he can take care of him. His mother had left them leaving him to take care of his ill-father alone. Since he was studying in a University, he decided to take his father with him as he loves both his father and his dreams. Well, we have no idea how hard it is to take care of another person, especially the sick one and some say he was like a saint for doing so.

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He still remembers how his father has taken care of him when he was young. That was the time he had polio and his father was the one who help him walk again. “My dad took care of me. Now that he’s ill, I just can’t leave him behind,” said the dutiful son. Zhao helps his dad wash his face, brush his teeth and comb his hair everyday. He also cook meals and helps his dad with his daily exercises.




A filial son, indeed! Now, if you are in his position, will you do the same too? Share your thoughts below. For more inspiring stories, feel free to visit this website more often. Thank you!

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