Tuesday,18 June,2019
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There is nothing on this planet that is cuter than a happy baby elephant being reunited to its family.

This is certainly one of the most anticipated reunions of all times not by humans but by animals. These humongous animals belong to the family of Elephantidae in the order of Proboscidea. The two species are known as African elephant and Asian elephant.

This is an awesome video and there is nothing on this planet that is cuter than a happy baby elephant.

Generally, these mammals are known to be herbivores and are actually found in different habitats such as in the Savannah, forests, deserts and marshes. Elephants use to live near the water so that they will be able to satiate their thirst.
According to Wikipedia, these animals are known to be sociable that’s why they have this fission-fusion society in which the multiple family groups come together to socialize. Males usually leave their family groups when they reach puberty. Communications are possible to them through using their senses of touch, smell, sight and sound.

Puberty leads male elephants to leave their family and live alone with other males. Aside from these things, elephants are known to be intelligent and empathetic. They also have self-awareness. They are also featured in art, folklore, literature, religion and culture.

With this knowledge, we can infer that these animals are truly capable of celebrating the joy of being in a social group and family. The video has captured it properly and has given us the idea that animals also have skills in socialization which are also similar with those of the human beings.

By watching the video, you will be inspired to remember the happy times when you were with your family. When was the last time you spent time with your family? How did it feel when you’re with them? The familiar feelings that you have felt during those reunions are also felt by these mammoth animals.

We believe that their sizes also speak of what they have in their heart. That is a big LOVE for their family. Happy reunion to them!

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