Monday,17 June,2019
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This is both precious and hilarious. The sweetest thing.

This video that has gone viral in YouTube is a genuine definition of true love and sacrifice. The love of the woman for her husband, Jason, is so genuine that she is willing to be by his side no matter what happens. This is what we call the true vow of marriage which says that husband and wife should be together in richer or poorer, and in sickness or in health. Though nowadays marriage has been challenged by various issues, still some couples have remained true to their promise of living together until death. For them, marriage vows are sacred that it should never be taken for granted. So, this video calls for all married couples to still ignite the love and passion for each other since marriage is a gift from God.

This is both precious and hilarious. The sweetest thing.

Some married couples decide to separate ways because of issues about pregnancy, potency and fertility. Sometimes, they think that these factors are a great deal in marriage. These lead them to abandoning each other. They have decided to forget about the vows that they have because all they believe that marriage without children will not work at all. But, this is not true to some since some marriage couples are trying their best to have babies through surgeries and fertility tests. If all of these procedures do not work, they begin to think of adopting a child.

This video is a story of Jason and Candice Mortensen who despite the multiple surgeries they have undergone are still unable to have a baby. But despite everything, their love for each other remains stronger than ever. The laughter and the smile they have shared in this video give us the hint that they are so in love with each other. Hopelessness has no room in their heart.

The couples decided to adopt a child who would seal their love forever. In this video, they are trying to ask for some donations that would eventually change their lives for the better. Love remains as is even in the midst of trials and difficulties!

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