Thursday,25 April,2019
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This is totally the funniest, most creative, and the best car commercial I’ve ever seen! Genius!

Stability at all times! This is actually the slogan of this Mercedez-Benz commercial and it definitely has it! By using chickens as their models for this advertisement, the company has actually nailed excellence and uniqueness. While other companies would prefer pompous advertisement to entice customers, this ad has used simplicity as its best. After watching this video, are you convinced enough to buy Mercedes-Benz? What about considering this ad which talks about stability at all times?

This is totally the funniest,  most creative, and the best car commercial I’ve ever seen! Genius!

Commercial advertisements are meant to attract people in various walks of life. They have certain qualities that are supposed to convince people to buy the products that the company is advertising. Some of these salient qualities are uniqueness, originality, practicality, and comprehensiveness. So, companies are doing their best to come up with advertisements which are catchy and attractive to people. By doing this, they will be able to magnetize costumers to patronize their products.

The use of chicken in this ad is indeed appealing. When the video was played, people could not help but laugh at the way the advertisement was presented. In fact, chickens are not commonly used to endorse a car. Who would ever think that the commercial is for a Mercedez-Benz endorsement? So, uniqueness as one of the qualities of an ad was already emphasized.
It is really good to have a car. According to this video, Mercedes-Benz could be one of the hottest picks in choosing a car for a company and family use. As of the commercial, efficient driving will always be attained with this kind of car. So, why not consider this ad?

But always bear in mind that you could also attain efficient and safe driving if you, yourself, are observing the proper way of driving a car. You must be an obedient driver. Don’t dare to be a reckless driver.

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