Tuesday,18 June,2019
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This unique video will bring out the drama in our soul.

You will never be alone as the song goes because everybody has the chance to be with his loved one. We can never be alone because in this world we have somebody that would carry us through the times of depressions and darkness. We can never be alone since everything is interrelated and we can see the connections between people and things.

This unique video will bring out the drama in our soul.

The video will make your heart rejoice for the world has never forsaken an abandoned dog which was left alone under the cruelties of the world. But this poor soul was rescued by a rescuer whose heart is full of love and concern. Unexpectedly, the dog’s response is heart-breaking!

Layla, a homeless poddie, was rescued and taken good care of her surrogate parents. The dog was then full of joy when she was first rescued by the woman. While the woman was carrying Layla, she was surprised when the dog kissed her which made her broke to tears. This is the sweetest thing that a dog can do just to send her gratitude to the woman for rescuing her.

This unique video will bring out the drama in our soul. We can say that heroism is indeed one of the greatest things that we must consider in this ailing world. Though we fail to be like superheroes, we can be a hero in our midst by just doing an act of kindness. This is through our everyday efforts of helping others who are in dire needs.

By looking at the video, we can also say that there are still human beings who are willing to offer their hearts to those who have been in cruel situation. Even in the most complicated times of our life, we can still be of service to other people. For sure, helping others will even make us happy and fulfilled.

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