Monday,17 June,2019
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This video brings us to the belief that love is still sacred.

Till death do us part! If people would be asked about the real meaning of love, they would probably answer that love is something that stays till eternity. Love is a universal feeling. Humans are genetically engineered to fall in love because this quality has been endowed by God to make us realize that the world keeps going if each one of us has etched love in our heart. Love between a man and a woman is sacred. It is bound to create ripples of hope and inspiration. It is graced by God’s eternal love.

This video brings us to the belief that love is still sacred.

In this world of ours, many relationships have gone astray because of some circumstances. Marriage has undergone various issues because of some issues that challenge its very essence. Divorce and annulment rates have increased through the years. The sad part is that children are the adverse victims of these happenings. Let’s contemplate on this, Do marriage vows seem to mean as much today as they used to? You might wonder…..

This video brings us to the belief that love is still sacred that it remains in the heart through the test of time; in sickness and in health or even till death. Bill and Glad have just ignored the trends of marriages going astray since they have been married for 50 years. Their vows have been kept burning in good times and bad times. The love they keep is a perfect example of what love is.

Glad, the woman in the story has been suffering from Alzheimer disease where she lost her memories. But, this situation has not discouraged Bill. He is even inspired and determined to love her wife in each passing day. He would narrate the days that they met and their love story is beautiful. They are two beautiful people who are so in love with each other.

This story has reminded us of the true essence of Love. It is worth keeping and remembering until the end of time. Till death do us part!

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