Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Drink Lukewarm Water With Sea Salt And The Result Will Impress You

Salt is a very common kitchen ingredient that is used in almost every dishes. It enhances the taste of the food you are preparing. But do know that salt is good for your health? However, too much of it could also ruin your body.

When you add salt into a glass of warm water, you can get a lot of healthy benefits. Drinking the mixture for a week could actually be beneficial for the health. It will keep you hydrated, it will promote healthy bones and many more. To make it, you just need a glass of lukewarm water and put a teaspoon of pure sea salt.

Here are the benefits:

>Healthy Bones
>Cures Insomnia
>Aids in Digestion
>Healthy Skin

* Drink this for a week and pause for 7 days. If you need it, you can repeat drinking it again.

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