Saturday,25 May,2019
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This Man Broke Down When He Thought His Dog Couldn’t Survive, But See What Happens In The End

There is really a special connection between a dog and man. This may sound cliche, but dog is indeed a man’s best friend. We have heard a lot of stories about dogs and humans, and here is also one that will also touch your heart. Get read and you might find yourself in tears.

This man broke down when his dog was involved in an unfortunate incident. The dog had an injury in his left leg and he thought the animal could not survive it. A group of people came to rescue the dog and helped it recover. When they came back, they found out that the man was also an amputee. The man knows exactly how it feels being disabled, so he don’t also want his dog to feel it. That is also one of the reasons why he cried.

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H/T: Animal Aid Unlimited, India

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