Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Truly, a very inspiring video– The Daddy Daughter Dance Off :)

Working parents sometimes neglect their responsibilities of talking to their children or even asking their children about their performance in school, the latest about themselves, the things that they want to do or things that they need. Parents all have the reasons to waste time with their children.

Truly, a very inspiring video– The Daddy Daughter Dance Off :)
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Oftentimes, parents have difficulty juggling their time between their work and their children that’s why many kids today are never expressive of their feelings and thoughts.

Education begins at home, and parents are considered the first teacher. This is because values formation or character building is learned at home. The love and guidance of parents are great things that provide their children with the ability to survive pressures at home and school.

Children who receive a considerable amount of love and attention from parents are most likely become affectionate, kind and generous. However, children who do not receive proper care seem to be unkind, rude, selfish and rebellious.

So, this video reminds parents how important attention and love can be to our children. The people in the video manifested the love between father and daughter relationship. The father in the video is happily performing the dance with his daughter, but not compromising his masculinity.

The pure love of a father was conveyed in the video as he was willing to spend time with his daughter even through a dance. On the other hand, the daughter is comfortable with her dad and she found joy in dancing.

What is good is that the father has also been supportive of his daughter. He encourages her by being supportive of her skill. In fact, he danced well in the video.

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This teaches the parents the value of simple things in life. The simple bonding moment with father and daughter is so touching that it inspires the parents to continue their support to their children. Truly, a very inspiring video!

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