Monday,17 June,2019
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What makes this art intriguing? Its amazing accuracy.

Figure and check this out! Water as the universal solvent can be beautifully used to express an art. This is not just a common-type of art you see elsewhere but an art that is so artistic that it made everyone believes that indeed emotions flow like fluid. It is surprising to witness art on water for all might have believed that this is impossible.

This is Truly One of a Kind! AMAZING ART ON Water

There is something in this art that amazes everyone. It started with the dots on the water. Then those dots were expanded to various shapes. After the shapes, the artist made several figures such as fish, girl and many more. It just showcased that artistic abilities can go far even in the surface of the water.  Incredibly done, the artist put his own passion on the water so he could make a work of art—-a masterpiece!

Upon watching, you will be moved to see how the artist’s hands dramatically create images on water. How would it be possible? Perhaps the artist has been trained to put some touch of accuracy to the art work.  There might be trials along the way but abating them is the most fulfilling to do. In life, errors and trials might occur but through the years of training and patience, one would emerge victorious against the odds.

Watching the work of art and how it was artistically created feel like you are being massaged all throughout the body. The imagery was so fluidly painted on water. The expansions and contrasts can make imaginations go wild with it.

But what makes it intriguing? Well, it is the way how the artist accurately and slowly paints images as if they were alive. In the coming years, there would be more artists who will venture in the unusual form of art. But, what makes art more appealing is the heart that you put into it.

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