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The Healing Uses Of “Veld Grape” Commonly Known As “Sugpon-Sugpon” In The Philippines

Sugpon-sugpon, a perennial climber, is a smooth vine with fleshy, green stout, four-angled stems, thick and much contracted at the nodes. Internodes, one from each node, are broadly ovate or triangular-reniform, somewhat fleshy, distantly toothed with small, appressed, sharp teeth, blunt at the tip, broad and heart-shaped at the base. Flowers are pinkish, and borne on small axillary cymes. Fruit is rounded, fleshy, and succulent.

– Considered alterative, bone-healing, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anthelmintic, antihemorrhoidal, analgesic, anti-asthmatic, and stomachic.
– Studies suggest antioxidant, antimicrobial, bone healing, anti-ulcer, and cytoprotective properties.

Stems, roots, young shoots.

– In the Philippines, sap or juice of stems used as drops for otorrhea and epistaxis.
– Also used as alterative for menstrual irregularities.
– Powdered roots used for fractures of the bones, with the effect of ordinary plasters.
Leaves of young shoots, dried and powdered, used for bowel complaints associated with indigestion. Also, used as powerful alternative.

– Used for scurvy and irregular menstruation.
– Paste used in asthma.
– Stem preparation boiled in lime-water used as stomachic.
– In Ayurveda, used as tonic, alterative, anthelmintic, digestive, analgesic, anti-asthmatic.
– Used for osteoporosis, asthma, cough, hemorrhoids and gonorrhea.
– Used for the treatment of gastritis, bone fractures, skin infections, constipation, eye diseases, hemorrhoids, anemia, asthma, irregular menstruation, burns and wounds.
New uses
– Popular use as bone growth promoter supplement and as joint aid for athletes.
– Touted use to promote bone and tissue healing, treat infections, used as anabolic, and use in weight management.

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