Monday,17 June,2019
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Home Video Shows Married Couple Crossing Paths 16 Years Before They Were Set Up On A Blind Date

They said if you are really meant for that person, destiny will do everything for you to meet him/her. A 26-year-old home video showed that the married couple Jourdan and Ryan Spencer had actually met by chance 16 years ago before they were set up on a bind date in 2014. It was just quick a video but it was amazing to see the soon-to-be couple crossing paths more than a decade they formally met.

The video was filmed at an amusement park in Langhorne, Pennsylvania when Jourdan Barovick, then 10, was coming down the water slide while Ryan Spencer, the boy wearing eye glasses was walking across her. They were strangers at the time but after 16 years, their paths have crossed again and they are now happily married with three kids.

It’s amazing how the universe allowed them to meet again after a very long time. Watch the video below.


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(H/T: Daily Mail)

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