Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Video that will remind us to celebrate the goodness of our heart…

Being rich is not all about how much you have but how much you can give. Truly, this line has struck us in the heart. It talks about how our generosity can touch the hearts of the millions of people in this earth. Even our single help will eventually create something meaningful to those who will receive it.

Video that will remind us to celebrate the goodness of our heart…

This tear-jerking video will remind us to celebrate the goodness of our heart, thus encouraging us not to be selfish. Learning to be selfless can give us a connection to other people. By means of helping them, each one of us becomes a fountain of hope.

But what has transpired in the video is something to think about. Why did the father hide his illness to his son same as his charity? At the start of the video, we could infer that the son has grown discouraged because of his father’s indifference towards his feelings. He eventually thought that his father has never appreciated him. It pained him to think that his own father has never served as his inspiration in aspiring for success.

As narrated, the boy doesn’t want to grow old poor. He never realized the essence of being rich in the heart. He saw poverty as something that involves only financially matters. It doesn’t come across to his thinking that even poor people can be rich by giving and inspiring other people.

The video will just open our eyes to the reality that our own father teaches us to discover the essence of giving. It is not something that has been taught for many years. Selflessness is a virtue that everyone must possess and acquire through experience. That’s why the father in the video concealed everything to his son.

In large perspective, everyone can serve as a gift to others. Through our simple acts of kindness, we will be able to spread love to other people. We become a tree of hope to those who have been dimmed by darkness especially those who have refused to live!

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