Monday,27 May,2019
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Warning: Here Are The Things You Should Not Put On Your Wallet

Identifying the things to never keep in your wallet is the first line of defense against theft and fraud. And let’s face it—when was the last time you reviewed the items in your wallet and cleaned out those that are not totally necessary? If you’re carrying around sensitive items in your wallet on the off chance you might need them one day, you could be asking for trouble.

1. Social Security Number

This is the key to your credit information. Some bring this card or have the numbers written on a piece of paper which is totally wrong. Simply memorize these numbers for your safety.

2. Birth Certificate
If not necessary, don’t bring your birth certificate with you as others will find it easy to fake your identity.

3. Check Books

It would be much easier for some to forge your checks so better leave it home if not needed.

4. PIN and Passwords
Since the numbers on your PIN are easy to memorize, avoid bringing some cheat sheets with you.

5. Too many Credit Cards

You might not want other people to shop at your own expense so better leave some of them at home and only bring those that you need.

So in case your wallet or purse is stolen or lost, other people will not have easy access on your accounts and identity.

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