Monday,17 June,2019
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Watch this amazingly cute video! “I will protect you…”

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in the video. This showcases the pure innocence and goodness of youth as they continue to become an inspiration to other people. But, is this really true? Can anyone who speaks Chinese tells us that translation is correct and not just a means of attempting to become more appealing to the viewers?

Watch this amazingly cute video! “I will protect you…”

True or not but the video shows the great side of human beings. It tells us some people are always to the rescue. We know them as “friends”. Often, when we met people along our way, we got to know them and later on when we become close to them, we started to form special relationship. We call it “Friends”

Have you remembered your childhood friends? Certainly, having a childhood best friend is one of the greatest things that would happen in one’s life. Your childhood best friends are those people who know you better and are the people who tell you who you are without offending your feeling. Best friends are also those who are always there for us in times of sadness and happiness.

The friends we have will make us learn about the true essence of friendship. This is the time when we build trust towards other people. In other instances when we are in great worries or miseries, our friends will offer their shoulders to lean on. They will also give us advice when we need it especially when we are troubled by problems. Indeed, they are friends to keep until eternity.

Some moms like this video because of its values conveyed by the little kid. Parents should teach their boys to act good all the time. Since this is how boys have been introduced to their best friends for life, they should remain gentlemen until they grow up. So, be a friend to everyone!

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