Sunday,16 June,2019
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What makes these people happy lurks just in the corner– and it’s inspiring!

Spread happiness. Be happy always since happiness is a choice. It is a state that you must pursue so that you would not regret in the end. Happiness is a state of mind. If we chose to be happy, then we should find ways to become happy. If we chose sadness, we will be doomed forever, and our life will become miserable. So what do you choose? Do you want to be happy or not?

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In order to be happy, we must know first what makes me sad because it contributed much to our sadness. Moreover, happiness is also looking at the different angles of life especially in times that we have been challenged by problems.

As the song goes, happiness is being carefree. It is being able to relate to life situations properly no matter how hard it is. It is our guide in living properly no matter what happens. And, we are just so lucky that we have everything that we need.

As part of being happy we need to watch this video as one of the effective ways of fulfilling happiness. This bus stop photoshop prank is really peculiar. When people get to pose on the bus stop, they get to see an image that amazes them. The image gives them a huge smile on their face. They never think that it turns out to be an amazing prank.

We all know that we are the captain of our soul and the master of our faith. So, we should to be happy. You must internalize the message of the song because it would really help you think of better ways to be happy.

With this bus stop prank, we could always find happiness. It actually just lurks in the corner. We must find time to be happy.

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