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Warning: Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Stop Plucking White Hair From Your Head

Plucking white hair from your head certainly isn’t the worst beauty habit you can have. However, like most irresistible, bad habits, it leads to some unsightly problems down the road. Here are five reasons to just stop the plucking.

1. It can ruin your hair texture.
According to sources at The Gloss, every time you pluck a white hair, you run the risk of damaging the natural texture of the strand which can lead to new growth becoming wiry.

2. It won’t get rid of gray for good.
You aren’t fooling your scalp when you pluck a white strand: The follicle is still white and will grow back that way. You might not get any NEW white from plucking, but it certainly won’t reduce the amount in the long run.

3. You could damage your scalp.
If you keep up the plucking repeatedly, the hair follicles can become permanently damaged from all that tugging. Not a good look.

4. It’s a waste of time.
Girl, you definitely have better things to do than stand in front of a mirror obsessing over white hairs. They look awesome. Let’s go get drinks.

5. It could thin your hair for good.
According to sources at Health Tap, plucking damages the root of your hair, which can lead to permanent loss of hair growth in that area. Are hairless patches really better than a couple of white?

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