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The World’s Poorest President Explains Why Rich People Should Not Join Politics

José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano, or simply knowns as Jose Mujica, is one of the most popular presidents in the world. Not only because he is a good leader, but because of his humbleness. In fact, he is known as the “world’s poorest president” because of his simple lifestyle.


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Jose Mujica was the president of Uruguay since March 1, 2010 to March 2, 2016. He drives around using his 1987 Volkswagen and he donated 90% of his salary to charity and young entrepreneurs. His leadership has brought so much improvement to the country.

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According to the correspondent of  British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Wyrie Davies, “Mujica left office with a relatively healthy economy and with social stability those bigger neighbours could only dream of.”

He may have stepped down, but Mujica’s words will be cherished forever. In her previous interview with CNN for Culture and Awareness, the former president explained why rich people should not join the world of politics.

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Jose Mujica said that rich people cannot relate with ordinary or poor people and their struggles.

“We invented this thing called representative democracy, where we say the majority is who decides, so it seems to me that we (heads of state) should live like the majority and not like the minority,” he said.

Although Jose Mujica has no problems with rich people, he thinks that they should focus more on their business to multiply their wealth. He said that they should be separated from politics because of their love for  money.


“I’m not against people who have money, who like money, who go crazy for money,but in politics we have to separate them. We have to run people who love money too much out of politics, they’re a danger in politics. People who love money should dedicate themselves to industry, to commerce, to multiply wealth. But politics is the struggle for the happiness of all,” he added.

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