Monday,17 June,2019
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With great beard comes great responsibility!

It is nice to be a child especially when you got to spend quality time with your family. You would be able to feel the love of your parents since they were really very caring and meticulous in dealing with you. Your parents also would not fail to remind you that you have been loved since you were born on earth. As one way of showing the affection, this dad cuddled his baby girl and played with her. It was a Peekaboo surprise! Indeed, the days spent with our dad are simply one of the best moments to be cherished for the rest of our lives.

wattalyf beard

We all love to spend time with our own fathers. They are our heroes who always defend us in danger or in times that we are in the wrong path. They also serve as our guide when we trudge the road towards success. That’s why fathers have been the backbone of the families because aside from being the provider, they are also our supporter.

This young little girl is so cute when she laughed while playing with her own father. She felt fascinated while looking at the face of her father under the handkerchief. But, what happened next is when she suddenly removed the handkerchief at the end. She was indeed shocked when she saw her father without his beard.

Then, the baby girl suddenly cried and went hysterical. This means that kids are also very particular with the appearance of other people. They also observe people around them especially their own parents. This is the reason why the kid has gone hysterical when he saw his father with a different look.

This game Peekaboo is a great game to surprise the kid. This is a great way to capture the smile in the face kids However, unexpected thing happened when this girl cried a river of tears for what has transpired after all.

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