Tuesday,18 June,2019
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Woman Threw 2-M Won In Bills On A Downtown Square In Seoul

A woman unbelievable threw cash worth 2 million won in the Downtown Square in Seoul, Korea. But what is more shocking is that the people passing by were just looking at it. No one dared to pick up any single piece of cash instead they just took photos of it.


The reason why the people were just ignoring the money is that it is illegal to pick up an attended money. In South Korea, anyone who would do that would be criminally held liable for theft. The 56-Year-Old woman threw the money estimated to an amount of $19, 030 in the streets of the capital’s business district.

What happened did no create any large disruptions with the people. No one wanted to pick up the money. The only people who were allowed to pick up the money were the police who responded.


According to the Seoul newspaper, a 56-year-old woman threw the bills amounting to 2 million won ($19,030) on the streets in the capital’s business district around 5:00 pm on Monday. It was a strange sight probably seen nowhere in the world except, perhaps, in South Korea. It turns out that the woman was giving away her money to strangers to prevent her ex-husband from taking it away. She wanted to donate it on the streets.

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